At KS&T we believe that all the knowledge and experience of a company are its intangible ASSETS, primary RESOURCES and seed CAPITAL, and they should be treated and managed as such.

In our view, Knowledge Management provides a new perspective on business drivers that are typically viewed through the lens of Economics and Finance. This is reflected in our offering consisting of standard products like Project / Process / Change / Risk Management, Data Mining and Business Analytics including Documentation and Record Management.

With Knowledge as the focus, in addition to the classical Process and Technology Consulting we specialize in analyzing the company processes and culture as an enabler to knowledge creation, documentation, dissemination, sharing and growth . The scope of our work also includes analyzing the employees in terms of suitability and adequacy, the skill-set and experience gap and overlap analysis across the organization & identification, evaluation and mitigation of the risks associated with the unique knowledge / expertize.

Our holistic approach to Learning Management enhances the classical test-provide-test model with proactive streamlining of the knowledge resources, optimizing the timing of knowledge acquisition and application, resulting in continuous growth of the knowledge pool of the organization.

And while people remain the drivers of Knowledge Management, without the technological tools, it s mobility is limited. You will find these tools as part of our offering that includes an educational portal, DMS (Data Management System) and an Open source version of the Small Business Server (SBS)

In any case, we know that every business and every company is different and therefore our offer is always customized to address needs of your organization.